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Apostille Services in Russia

Apostille Services in Russia

An apostille is a stamp that gives documents legal force with Apostille Convention countries. You can order Apostille of documents issued in Russia online from any country in the world with delivery on paper and in the office. An Apostille can be certified in standard and urgent mode.

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    An Apostille is required for a document issued in Russia to ensure legal force countries party to the Apostille convention and countries which are members of The Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH). An Apostille can be affixed to the original, a notarized copy, or a certified translation (depending on the organization's requirements where the apostille is required).

    You can receive an express apostille within 24 hours. As standard, an apostille of documents in Russia, especially Moscow, takes up to 5 working days for most documents. For educational documents, the term is about 45 days. In most cases, you can obtain an express apostille within 24 hours. An express apostille is issued for almost all types of documents.

    We provide an apostille of documents issued in Moscow, any other regions of Russia, and documents issued in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The Apostille stamp is placed on the original, a notarized copy, as well as on the certified translation, depending on the requirements of the receiving authority. All the above options have the same legal force but have their own procedural peculiarities. An Apostille Service of documents is available as standard. We also offer an express service.

    An Apostille in Russia is placed on documents of the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and issued in the USSR. The provisions of the Apostille Convention do not apply to papers originating from diplomatic or consular agents. Furthermore, an apostille may not be required if the procedure is canceled or simplified following international agreements. Depending on the documents, you can put an apostille on both business documents and any personal documents.

    Our company offers an apostille on documents issued not only in Russia but also in any other country. We are engaged in apostille for all types of documents. The cost and duration of apostille procedures for foreign documents depends on the country of issue. Please provide detailed information about the document.

    Suppose the country of submission of the document has not signed the Apostille Convention and does not have bilateral agreements with Russia on mutual recognition of documents. In that case, the document must pass the procedure of consular legalization to give it legal force abroad. 

    Many countries that have not signed the Apostille Convention accept apostilled documents. We also mention that when a new State joins the Apostille Convention, several participating countries refuse to recognize an apostille on documents originating from a new party to the convention. All participating countries recognize Russian apostilled documents. There may be situations when two countries have not endorsed the Apostille Convention. For example, having reached an agreement of documents without an apostille may still require some form of legalization.

    Wherever you are, you can arrange an apostille in Moscow, Russia, and other regions of the world online from any part of the world without visiting our office.

    Our company is engaged in all types of apostilles and documents issued in Moscow, in the territory of Russia and countries of former USSR. We also offer notarized translations, certified translation of documents, consular legalization, the discovery of documents, interpretation, and translation. Ready-made documents are delivered all over the world. To order the service you are interested in, please contact us.

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