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Document Retrieval in Moscow and Russia

Document Retrieval in Moscow and Russia

SayBay company provides services for the collection of documents in Moscow and other Russian cities. The procedure for requesting documents is a service for the initial or repeated receipt of an official document. A request for a document or duplicate on Russian territory is made to the place where it was issued. You can order this service online with the delivery of the finished document on paper from any country in the world.


Our company requests and delivers original documents and their duplicates from the official authorities of Russia and other countries. The time frame for discovering documents in Russia depends on the authority that issues the required documents. In some cases, the retrieval of documents can be expedited.

The most popular types of documents are the following:

· Educational: archival certificates of educational institutions, diplomas, certificates

· Judicial: copies of decisions, rulings, resolutions

· Documents from the Ministry of Internal Affairs: certificate of non-criminal record

· Documents from the Civil Registry office: certificates of birth, death, marriage, and divorce, change of name or surname, certificate of absence of marriage

· Documents of Ministries and departments: certificates of military service and work experience

· Archival documents: certificates of rehabilitation, repression, state awards, participation in military operations

In case of damage or loss of an official document, you can use the procedure for restoring it, called the repeated discovery of documents. If necessary, we will prepare the documents to be submitted to the official authorities, making an official translation, apostille them, or carry out the procedure of consular legalization, depending on the requirements of the receiving party.

You can order the service online from any country in the world with paper delivery. To request a document collection service in Moscow or other Russian cities, please contact us.

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