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Certified Document Translation Services in Moscow, Russia

Certified Document Translation Services in Moscow, Russia

The translation of documents in the translation agency SayBay is carried out in 112 languages. We do certified translation, as well as notarized document translation. It is possible to translate documents with our company contacting us at the office or online.

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    SayBay is an official translation agency in Moscow, Russia. We specialize in providing highly accurate and reliable certified translations from 112 languages. The head office is located in Moscow and we work with clients both in Russia and abroad. Our agency offers fast, legally recognized, and certified translations at competitive prices of various documents from all over the world.

    Certified Document Translation Services provided by our company are available to private individuals residing all over the world, small or medium-sized enterprises wishing to do business, and even large international institutions looking to find new markets.

    Each document we translate and certify follows strict legal standards and is accepted by all government agencies, courts, educational organizations, and other similar institutions. So you can be sure that the finished documents will meet all legal requirements in Russia and worldwide.

    Certified translation and the notarized translation of documents legalizes official documents and makes it possible to provide them to the Russian state or corporate entities. Documents issued in Russia are also subject to translation to be presented on the territory of the target state.

    Notarized translation and Certified translation is usually required for the following types of documents: contracts, charters, certificates of state registration of a legal entity, accounting reports, birth/marriage/divorce/death certificates issued by the Civil Registry office, diplomas (and any adjoining documents), transcripts, workbooks, seals/stamps on documents, an Apostille stamp, consent to the child's departure abroad, powers of attorney, wills, any notarial acts, driver's licenses, and passports.

    To order a Certified Document Translation in Moscow or a notarized translation of documents, you’ll have to send a scan or a photo of the document in good quality. After the evaluation, a specialist will provide you with all the required information on cost, terms, payment methods, and receipt of the finished document. When ready, we will send the document by email, courier delivery service or both, depending on your needs.

    Translation of documents in the SayBay translation agency is one of the company’s priority areas. We translate any documents into more than 100 languages, notarize translations of documents, provide our clients with the best prices, and our quality is recognized by thousands of grateful customers worldwide.

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