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Translation Services

Translation Services

SayBay Translation Agency provides translation services from Russian and vice versa to more than 100 languages of the world. We work in all the key subjects such as medical, legal, technical, scientific, financial, economic, translation of manuals and business plans.
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    SayBay Translation Agency provides translation services from/to Russian for corporate clients and individuals. We translate any volume and complete the high-urgency translation in a short time. Our staff will promptly answer your questions about payment, deadlines, and other translation project details.

    We perform transfers for both individuals and legal entities. We have experience in many industries, translating general business documents such as finance, corporate law, court documents, taxes, accounting statements, as well as specialized technical documents texts involving medicine, pharmacology, chemical production, engineering, oil/gas industry production, mining, aviation, nuclear power industry, and electronics. We have a large staff of highly qualified specialists who are not just professional translators but have expertise in the relevant industry, and therefore a deep understanding of specialized terminology.

    Translation from Russian will be even more accurate if you have a native translator of the target language. We also employ native-speaking professional translators and editors globally, who translate and proofread the required documents. This ensures that the rules of record-keeping and cultural peculiarities of the other country are taken into account. The most accurate analogs are used in regards to terminology and names.

    When working on orders, we use professional software to translate quickly and with high quality. We are ready to take on high-urgency orders of large volume: thanks to modern technologies and good specialists, we can significantly speed up order processing. Another bonus for you, when a significant amount of text is submitted for translation, prices are reduced.

    Customer trust is crucial to us, so our company uses a strict quality control system. A control proofreading of each translation is carried out before it is handed over to the customer. The figures, dates, and numbers found in the texts are carefully checked against the original. Of course, we also make sure that the customer's wishes are taken into account as fully as possible – for example, when translating proper names that occur in the text. Depending on the goals and objectives of the customer, native speakers are involved in a particular project to achieve excellent quality. A glossary of specialized terms is compiled and approved, either based on the customer's requirements and wishes or used by our company's experience over the years on the current topic.

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