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All types of website translation services

All types of website translation services

The website defines the image of any company and is the main marketing tool. A website in a foreign language is primarily about the company's attractiveness to overseas customers and partners, providing information in a language that is understandable to the target audience and the company's international status.

According to research data, about 70% of users prefer to make purchases online on websites in their native language. 80% never buy a product or service on English-language websites or do it very rarely.


Translation and localization of the website from/to Russian is a complete adaptation of the site's translated content for a specific audience, taking into account its national characteristics and needs. The ultimate goal of the localization of any project is to increase sales in the target market. Translation of websites and their localization is one of the main activities of the SayBay Translation Agency. The company employs native speakers, IT specialists, developers, translators, and editors. We localize resources of any complexity level. We translate websites from Russian into a foreign language and from a foreign language into Russian, and we can also prepare translations into several language pairs. Suppose you do not have a website, and you need to develop and create a multilingual website with a unique design in all target languages from scratch and its promotion in search engines of the countries where the site is displayed. In that case, we will develop a unique concept of website creation for your business in the languages you need.

The sequence of the website translation and localization process
  1. Text information analysis
  2. Approval of the glossary
  3. Text translation and image editing
  4. SEO Preparation
  5. Integration of the translated text into the site structure
  6. Coordination of cross-references consistent with the original
  7. Testing the site

If you wish to order the translation of a website, simply make your request by email or use the feedback form. First, indicate the website address link. The target language should be translated, providing the website address. After processing your request, we will clarify some details, providing you with the total cost and date of completion.

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